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Established on July 2019, LittleHappiness.Co is an officially registered brand. The word "Little Happiness" and its accompanying logo are both registered trademarks. 
Based in Singapore, Little Happiness have been raved and widely known for its non-treated, ethically sourced, top-quality natural crystals and stones with 18k - 24k gold-filled hardware

Apart from our high quality hardware, the precious crystals that accompanies them varies in different shapes and sizes and are ethically sourced from USA, Russia, China and India.  
What is Gold Filled Hardware?



Gold Plated Jewelry:
Cheapest and Thinnest Layer of Gold = Short Term Colour Rentention
Gold Filled Jewelry
Thick Layer of Gold = Does not Rub or Flake Off Easily = Long Term Colour Rentention
Solid Pure Gold:
99.9% Pure Gold = Too Soft and Fragile = Very Expensive
Gold Plated Jewelry
Gold plating is the cheapest and simplest way to make gold jewelry. The reason for this is because most manufacturers and brands make their plated jewelry with the thinnest layer possible, which has the potential to make the layer of gold very thin and brittle. Due to how thin the layer is, the plating can crack and break off. The benefit of plated jewelry is being able to make intricate shapes and designs in gold and rose gold. The actual amount of gold on the piece comes out to 0.05% or less of the total piece.
Gold filled Jewelry *what we are using*
Gold fill is certainly a far step up from gold plated. Many times it is nice to have the gold look without having to pay the very high price of solid gold. Gold filled pieces come out very nice, they are durable and high quality. The gold layer is nice and thick and does not (very easily or often) rub off or flake off. Gold filled jewelry is actually regulated by the government. It is required that the gold layer make up at least 5% of the total weight of the piece. Remember, gold plating is only 0.05%. The process is much harder and more expensive than plating jewelry. If you can find a gold filled piece of jewelry for around the same price as plated, it is certainly recommended to go with gold filled, even if it means dishing out a few extra bucks.
Solid Gold Jewelry
Solid gold is pure 24k but pure 24k is much too soft to hold its shape and be worn as jewelry. Most solid gold jewelry pieces are made with a percentage of gold mixed with an alloy to give it strength. That is where the karat (or spelled carat internationally) comes in. The karat is the unit of measurement for how fine the gold is. The higher the number, the more pure the gold is. For example, a 10k piece of jewelry has a 10/24 ratio of gold or 41.66% gold. 14k gold is 14/24 which comes out to 58.33% gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive the piece will be.
IN CONCLUSION: Our hardware combines the pros of Gold Filled Technique + S925 Sterling Silver which allows the jewellery to be more durable and also makes it perfect for wearers who are sensitive to certain metals without worries of an allergic reaction.
*Hardware material is water resistant
*With an exception of: Water-soluble crystals, Elastic cord designs